The Indian real estate influencer and YouTuber has gained massive momentum with his brand Technocrat Anshul, providing genuine property information.

The kind of success and the level of momentum a few professionals and entrepreneurs have acquired from across industries and sectors of the world has truly turned people’s heads. It proves how a few individuals, especially from the younger brigade, have been giving in their best in all that they choose to do in their careers and bringing about a wave of change in their industries for the better through their incredible work. Doing that in the real estate industry can come along many more challenges, but a few rare gems like Anshul Bansal have stood unique in the industry by working towards offering uniqueness to all seeking services in properties.

Anshul Bansal hails from Chandigarh, India, and since the very beginning, was inclined towards all things creative. This helped him get immersed into the interior designing space and gain specialization in luxury villas and designs. He confesses how he was always thrilled by everything related to interior design and always aimed to become an interior designer; however, he went ahead in doing his B. Tech in Mechanical and then worked at an MNC. But soon, the young talent realized his dreams, which finally landed him in the interior design industry. Since 2012, Anshul Bansal has jumped into the real estate sector and has risen as a real estate entrepreneur, YouTuber, and influencer.

Today, with his YouTube channel, which he started in 2019, he enthrals all with his content on properties and his expertise in interior designs of luxury flats, villas, and the like. He has climbed the ladder of success with his platform Technocrat Ansul, providing people with genuine and authentic property information directly provided by the agent, builder, or the seller. Their team includes professionals and executives from industries like real estate, commercial banking, automotive, retail, accountancy, and much more and has acquired excellence in buying and selling modern designed luxury homes in Mohali and Chandigarh.

Through his YouTube channel, Anshul Bansal provides honest reviews of properties and guides people in making the right decisions for their dream home. To know more on Real Estate Youtuber and Influencer, Anshul Bansal, visit his website.

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