Anshul Bansal creates astounding growth in India’s real estate markets with his platform Technocrat Anshul.

Technocrat Anshul is now renowned as the top real estate influencer in India.

To have a vision of making it huge in any industry is no cakewalk for anyone, but a few of them have proved that with resilience and passion, people can get ahead to the top of any industry. This is definitely easier said than done, but professionals like Anshul Bansal have been motivating people to be their best versions in all that they do in their careers and lives and make sure to create a positive impact in their respective industries through their incredible work. Anshul Bansal has been creating ripples of growth in the real estate sector by being one of the top Indian real estate influencers and YouTubers.

Especially after the pandemic, Anshul Bansal, with his brand Technocrat Anshul has become the top and the most sought-after real estate influencer in the industry. People who before the pandemic emphasized physically visiting properties had a mindset shift after almost everything moved digital after the pandemic. This also gave rise to several opportunities for professionals in the industry, just like it gave to Anshul Bansal, who started creating incredible videos and home tours on his YouTube channel, 

, which currently has 538K subscribers to give people an in-depth view of the properties, showing them the details of the interiors, architecture and the like, to help people make the right decisions when it comes to their dream homes and help them make their dream home with the best aesthetic looks, even in low budgets. With his channel, Anshul Bansal tries to give his best knowledge to people for them to make the most of his videos and content, enabling people to get the best design ideas as well as the ability to turn their homes into dream homes. Technocrat Anshul is now renowned as the top real estate influencer in India.


The MBA graduate and mechanical engineer always had a thing for interior designing. Hence, even after working in an MNC for a short period, he decided to dive deep into the real estate sector to follow his passion. That’s what he has been doing through Technocrat Anshul, his platform and YouTube channel, which gives enough information, reviews, and house tours that help people in getting closer to their dream abode in Mohali and Chandigarh.

Undoubtedly, Technocrat Anshul has today become the most appreciated and trusted platform in the real estate industry. Connect with him through his website, 

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