Emerging as one of India’s finest real estate YouTubers and influencers.

Technocrat Anshul, his brand name, has been thriving high in the India’s finest real estate sector as a technological site that leads homebuyers into their dream Top real estate influencers in India

Of the many industries that have excelled beyond boundaries and made massive growth over the years, the kind of success that the real estate industry has shown has made the most headlines and has also astounded people not just in India but also across the world. Though the pandemic, just like it affected other industries, also negatively impacted the real estate sector, the digital world changed the game for the better with the rise of varied real estate platforms, brands, and influencers. Among them, one man who has been giving it his all in every possible way to the industry for his passion for interior designing and the whole of the real estate space is Anshul Bansal, the Chandigarh lad who today is thriving as a successful entrepreneur, and influencer .

His brand Technocrat Anshul is a robust real estate platform that has made home buying and selling the easiest and the most convenient process in Mohali and Chandigarh. It is a core technological site that is used to partner with major real estate agents by thousands of home buyers and sellers. People can find the best agents, secure competitive mortgages, and ensure easy close-up time with Technocrat Anshul. Anshul Bansal offers varied services like interior designing, architecture, construction, and property sales through the platform. Top real estate influencers in India

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His YouTube channel has seen consistent upward growth with currently 538K subscribers and videos having thousands of views; such is the excellence with which he creates compelling and engaging content on properties, specializing in showing videos on the interior designs of the homes and doing property tours of luxury apartments, villas, homes, etc., helping people make their dream home in low budget with the best aesthetic looks. The graduate in B. Tech, Mechanical engineer, and an MBA graduate has dived deep into the real estate industry and has emerged as a true winner in the form of a real estate influencer and YouTuber.

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